1Registration/ 08:30-09:00All participants
2OpeningHristina Lozanoska / Darko Velkov 09:30-10:00Macedonian HR Association, President / Vrabotuvanje.com, Director
3PEOPLE SIDE AND INTERNATIONALIZATION. Mergers, Acquisitions, Integration and more….Јulio Gonzalez 10:00-10:30JGHR Consulting (an exclusive provider of Mercer Italia), International HR Senior Consultant (Italy)
4The power of ONE! Leveraging Personal Branding in a Corporate WorldNelson Emilio 10:30–11:00Singularis Human Consulting, Managing Partner/ Personal Brander & Leadership Strategist (Portugal)
5Q & AJulio Gonzalez & Nelson Emilio 11:00-11:15All participants
6Coffee, Networking & HR Expo time/ 11:15-11:45All participants
7Talent management in small and flexible IT worldTamara Valencic 11:45-12:15D.Labs, Chief Talent officer/ Independent HRM Consultant and Strategic Advisor to the Board/ HR manager of the Year 2014 (Slovenia)
8HR and InnovationPeter Mogyorosi 12:15-12:45LC Innoconsult, CEO/ Coach for startup organizations/ External consultant and expert in innovation management, commercialization and exploitation (Hungary)
9Q & ATamara Valenčič & Dr. Péter Mogyorósi 12:45-13:00All participants
10Cocktail, Networking & HR Expo time/ 13:00-14:30All participants
11HR and SustainabilityNada Zupan 14:30-15:00Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Professor & Researcher (Slovenia)
12Respect and Nurture Human Nature in BusinessNikos Lambridis 15:00–15:30The University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College, Professor & Certified Trainer and Coach for top Management Executives (Greece)
13Respect for Humanity - the Key to Corporate SuccessMartin Laschkolnig 15:30–16:00Institute for the developing of potential Motivational speaker/ Founder and Director/ Authorized trainer by Jack Canfield (Austria)
14Q & ANada Zupan, Nikos Lambridis & Martin Laschkolnig 16:00–16:15All participants
15Wrap-up of the Conference dayDarko Petrovski 16:15–16:30Macedonian HR Association, Secretary general
16Bestow of HR Awards: 1. HR Manager of the Year 2017 2. Most Visited Advertiser for 2017 on Vrabotuvanje.com.mk / 21:00–00:00All participants

*The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program!