1RegistrationAll participants 09:00-10:00
2OpeningHristina Lozanoska / Darko Velkov 10:00-10:10Macedonian HR Association, President / Vrabotuvanje.kom, Director
3“How effective leadership and performance management system impact on talents retention”Rok Zupančič 10:10-10:50Telekom Slovenije, Human Resources Management Director President of the Slovenian HR Association (Slovenia)
4“Digital HR and its power for the transformation of the success”ZEYNEP MİNE ALPTEKİN 10:50–11:30Actera Investing Group, Retail Brands People Operations and Development Director (Turkey)
5Coffee, Networking & HR Expo timeAll participants 11:30-12:00All participants
6"Revisiting Positions: Getting HR on Top”Dr. Leslie T. Szamosi , Mr Chris Liassides 12:00-12:40The University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College, Academic Directors (Greece)
7“People Challenges in fast-growing industries- CEOs perspective”Eser Cevahir , Vojdan Jordanov , Milivoje Gorgevic , Ilija Sekulovski , Buket Gerecci 12:40-13:40Panel discussion
8Cocktail & Networking & HR Expo timeAll participants 13:40-14:40All participants
9“How to manage your brain when facing challenge: What we learn from neurosciences?”Massimiliano Santoro PhD 14:40-15:20Gruppo Prospecta CEO, Cultural anthropologist, group trainer, executive coach (Italy)
10“Recruitment Process 2.0 – Utilizing Social Networks and Company Strategy”Aco Momčilović 15:20-16:00RIMAC Automobili Chief Human Resources Officer (Croatia)
11Employee retention-Mamforce standards impactDiana Kobas Deskovic 16:00-16:40Mamforse Company, CEO & Founder (Croatia)
12Informal networking event / Gala nightAll participants 19:30–00:00HR award – HR manager of 2016
1RegistrationAll participants 09:00-10:00
2Recap of the previous dayHristina Lozanoska/ Filippo ABRAMO 10:00-10:15Macedonian HR Association, President / EAPM, Past President
3Online HR Survey (real time)MHRA Representative 10:15-10:30
4"What is the added value of recognition program?"Miglena Ouzounova-Tsekova 10:30-11:10MOBTEL, Senior HR Director, HR Manager of the year 2016 in Bulgaria
5"Do best HR solutions only ground on their ability to reinventing HR?"Xavier Molinie 11:10-11:50Photobox, HR executive, DELL , Former Executive Director-EMEA (France)
6Coffee, Networking & HR Expo timeAll participants 11:50-12:20
7"Executive Coaching – careers and organizational development through personal growth"Gerard O’Donovan 12:20-13:00Noble Manhattan Coaching, Chairman (UK)
8"Stay up-to-date with the latest recruitment trends!"Igor Žonja 13:00-13:40MojPosao (Tau on-line doo) CEO & Board Chairman (Croatia)
9Cocktail & Networking & HR Expo timeAll participants 13:40-14:40
10Interactive Panel discussion HR Q&AIvana Dojcinovska -Stojanovic , Darko Petrovski , Darko Velkov 14:40-15:40Wabtec MZT, HR Director / Macedonian HR Association, Secretary General / Vrabotuvanje.kom, Director

Note:  The Q&A session of each presentation is part of the allocated time duration!
*The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program!