Nelson Emilio

Nelson Emilio

Nelson Emilio

Managing Partner, Personal Brander & Leadership Strategist Singularis Human Consulting (Portugal)

Short bio

Nelson Emílio helps companies and leaders in Europe, Asia, and South America to manage their reputation online and offline, leveraging their potential through Personal Branding, and making them more influential and successful.

With more than 23 years of experience, he was “born” in the extremely competitive world of multinational IT companies, where he had the privilege of fulfilling various roles from trainer to sales director with responsibility for several countries in Europe, Africa, and South America. It was on this professional journey that he discovered the importance of Personal Branding and its impact on business, career progression and life in general.

Today his professional activities cover roles as Consultant, Trainer and Professional speaker in the areas of Personal Branding, Communication, and Leadership. He has several certifications in the area of Personal Development: Coaching (Erickson College), NLP, Master and Trainer in Reiss Motivation Profile, Practitioner in Business Model You©, Personal Branding Strategist (Reach, New York) and is currently one of the few professionals in Europe, and the only one in Portugal with a Social Branding (LinkedIn) certification. He is also the co-idealizer of the first Personal Brander International Certification© and Personal Branding Practitioner©.

He is currently Co-founder and Managing Partner of Singularis Human Consulting – The Personal Branding Company, and serves as Program Quality Director for Southern Europe at Toastmasters International, the world’s largest nonprofit organization for the development of communication skills and leadership.




Short description about the company

Singularis Human Consulting is a human-centric company that believes in a better way of driving growth and success. Combining personal insights, strategy, and the right communication, we have the opportunity to transform clients’ mindset and uncover new ways to outstand in their business by leveraging their personal brands, both online and offline and enable a meaningful impact.

Specialized in Personal Branding, Singularis Human Consulting has the cutting edge tools, methodologies, and experience required to develop custom programs focused on reaching your strategic objectives, and give your company a competitive advantage by setting the right leadership strategy. We build your Brand and reputation based on your company’s most valuable asset – your People.