Enterprise Software: What It Is and 12 Best Application Examples

As we mentioned, Atlassian offers many tools, including Jira – a project management platform, Confluence – a documentation and collaboration tool, Bitbucket – a code repository, Trello – a task management tool, and many others. These tools help companies organize projects, manage tasks and documentation, track progress, manage software versions, and much more. Low-code platforms are a type of software that enables companies to develop business applications without the need for programming expertise. With them, companies can build their IT systems faster and more efficiently, resulting in greater productivity and competitiveness in the market.

enterprise applications examples

Another feature for which this solution is recognized is its automated compliance features, such as automatic tax filing with all kinds of legal forms including laws and regulations regarding employee compensation and taxes. All of these powerful functionalities earned Rippling an almost perfect score of 4.8 stars on Capterra and 4.9 on G2Crowd. Ultimately, you will see how taking advantage of the names on our list can prove beneficial for your enterprise, whether small or large. Considering the cost and extent of enterprise application software, stakeholder buy-in is your first priority. After that, ponder these best practices during your enterprise application decision-making process. All the above software is targeted at facilitating different requirements of an enterprise.

Customer Service

Trends show that more enterprise applications will use artificial intelligence (AI) to improve operational efficiency and productivity. Studies found that 60% of retailers use AI, which is a 25% increase from the previous enterprise applications examples year alone.Much like machine learning technology, AI uses predictive analyses to improve its algorithms with each incoming dataset. This enables the AI to continuously learn the company’s patterns in a human fashion.

In addition, modern email marketing systems also increase message deliverability, prevent spamming and ensure compliance with data protection regulations such as RODO. Using team communication tools results in increased productivity and informed business conduct. In today’s digital age, team communication via instant messaging has become a standard process in companies. Today’s enterprise communicators offer many benefits for corporate communication and are seamlessly integrated with existing operating software. As mobile apps will continue to help enterprise businesses, entrepreneurs will show more interest in building apps.

Support for Disruptive Innovations

Software that makes the current procedures difficult to manage will not be suitable for you. Transparency is to be made sure in the business by giving control over your procedure by managing with the help of the software. If the software has an infrastructure to accept the changes, it can surely come up to your requirements, even if you use it for many years. The testimonials of the firm are an essential checkpoint to know its potential and adequacy. The reputable and strong references of the firm are the most essential proof that the software is coming up to the commitments made by the company and that it satisfies its users.

enterprise applications examples

It helps the managers in understanding how efficient their work is so they can accordingly adjust it. These platforms often include, or can be easily integrated with, inventory management functionalities to easily unify the entire supply chain process and manage orders efficiently. WordPress is a free open-source content management system that is currently used on over 40% of all websites worldwide. There are thousands of free and paid plugins available that can be used to customize the CMS in aspects such as design, data collection, interaction, and many more. Although WordPress is a complete tool that facilitates website creation for many businesses, compared to much more expensive commercial CMS solutions, it has some limitations.

Project Management Software

Backup software provides a reliable recovery method if enterprises experience system malfunctions, power outages, or other technical troubles. This solution acts as a security measure to ensure there is a copy of every data set in case of emergency. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems allow companies to collect and manage incoming client information so they can secure leads and retention. CRM has a range of functions, from facilitating sales to making business information accessible to customers. Enterprise content management (ECM) software can include one or multiple applications that handle digital content. ECM software stores, manages, and distributes digital content across programmed platforms, from its creation to its deletion.

enterprise applications examples

The system chooses an editor automatically who is available and guides them about the review process. They can later pass an article to the next process of review, send it back for revision, or decline it with just one click. Now the complete hiring agency is controlled from one app, from the workload of staff and client request statuses to tracking the required KPIs. This is exactly why HR automation is one of the quickest growing markets in the IT field.

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I hope that this article has helped you understand what you can expect from a certain category of enterprise applications. I hope that I have been able to give you a detailed perspective on the related matter. If you pick the right fit for your organization then you can increase the productivity level of your business teams and run their operations smoothly yet effectively.

Since these software tools are designed to serve many users, they are relevant to governments, retailers, hospitals, large industries, and departments such as sales, marketing, customer service, and finance. All the enterprises have different systems for different operations like maintaining a database of customers, managing inventory, processing orders, and keeping the account books up to date. But the main problem that most enterprises face is that they have next to no communication or data flow between these various systems. Enterprise application development is the process of designing, building, and maintaining software applications that are used by enterprise-sized organizations. Business intelligence is the modern epitome of successful data analysis, management, monitoring and smart reporting. BI gathers a multitude of benefits and software providers have disrupted the industry by offering a range of solutions for enterprise requirements.

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There’s a lot to love about Slack, but we can’t possibly overlook the opportunities for integrations with other enterprise applications. “Slack offers a wide range of integrations with other tools and services, allowing us to centralize our workflow and access important information without switching between multiple applications. Whether connecting project management tools, file-sharing services, or video conferencing platforms, Slack is a hub that brings everything together,” says Yeespy‘s CEO, Peter Michaels. In the above list Dynamics 365, Netsuite, Inflow, and BambooHR are specially designed to be able to be used on web as well as on mobile devices.

  • 5G networks wirelessly connect users to the internet with even faster service than 4G LTE networks.
  • Among the enterprise software systems valued by entrepreneurs are email marketing systems.
  • Enterprise resource planning, Customer relationship management systems, and supply chain management are all examples of enterprise systems.
  • Companies of all sizes can use this low-code platform, gaining a nearly 3x reduction in programming effort.
  • An enterprise application, or EA, is a software system designed to help businesses automate, manage and streamline processes.

The market has a large number of low-code business process management platforms to offer that lets the companies create visual representations of their procedures, remove the bottlenecks, and ease out the decision making. Most enterprise application vendors offer free demos, so make sure to ask for one before making your purchase. This will allow you to test the system and ensure it meets all your business requirements. Before shopping for an enterprise application, ensure you understand your business needs. Once you clearly understand your requirements, you can narrow down the list of potential applications and choose the best one for your business. Enterprises need an application to automate workflows, improve productivity and enhance processes’ efficiency which can positively impact the bottom line positively.

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Organizations depend on their databases and software to accomplish business-critical tasks, but without enterprise application integration, information often gets trapped in silos. Worse, data may be copied-and-pasted from one place to another because these silos don’t communicate with each other. With software as a service (SaaS), the cloud can now provide most organizations with a simpler solution to fulfill their EAS needs. SaaS solutions are available for organizations regardless of the type of software needed. Services like Zendesk for CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, SAP ERP, and Salesforce provide comprehensive EAS solutions that can be easily customized to support any workflow of an enterprise. Before looking at enterprise application software, let’s define what an enterprise is.

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